Montessori Nursery Playtime

Reggie The Queen Montessori School at Kaasoa provides quality care and education for children aged nine months to nine years. At Reggie The Queen Montessori School understand how important the decision of choosing a nursery for each child is, so parents can be assured of a warm welcome by a dedicated and experienced team.

We are the only school in Accra able to do this. From the moment your child starts at Reggie The Queen Montessori School, we aim to work in partnership with you, in order to make his or her experience the very best possible. This is the start of a long and extremely rewarding time for your child at school.

We understand that you only want the very best education for your child and will want to find a school where your child will not only find academic success, but will also be happy and feel secure. At Reggie The Queen Montessori School we pride ourselves that ‘every child is an individual’ and spend time getting to know your child and you. To help you make a decision, please take the opportunity to meet with us and to look around the school. You will see Reggie The Queen Montessori School at its very best during a school day and we are always happy to show round any prospective parents.