Primary Section

Computer training in our primary section

At Reggie The Queen Montessori School, we value individuality and look for each child to find their own passion.  Our children have the chance to learn to play anything from electric guitar to recorder with our music teacher and have the opportunity to perform to us all during assemblies.  Our children also enjoy their own wonderful sports coaches who keep us all fit and busy during Breakfast and every lunchtime!

Of course, learning to value learning is crucial to our ethos and this is evident in both the ‘Can-do’ positive attitudes of our children and the results we achieve when the children leave in Year 6, which are higher than both the National standard and the standard within Accra.

The children have regular intervals to take part in a variety of adult and child led activities. They also learn and develop their understanding through practical, hands-on investigation and activities.

To arrange a visit to the school please give us a call on: 0264 966 654 or 0274 595 175