Our Philosophy

Program Philosophy & Information For Parents.

“STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE” is the basic philosophy upon which, the operating policies, child developmental programs and educational themes are based here at Reggie the Queen Montessori School.

Welcome to our facilities. We are delighted you have chosen us to help you provide loving care for your child. This information is to help you to make an informed decision on your child’s care by understanding our program, what to expect from us, and what we will expect from you in relation to your child’s care and needs. Working together we know your child’s experience at Reggie the Queen Montessori School will be what you want it to be……an experience in which he/she is loved, carefully cared for and encouraged to develop all of his/her potential.
Maria MontessoriOur teachers are trained to understand child development and to use that understanding in planning appropriate activities to stimulate your child’s development. We are not interested in producing “Super Kids”, but we do want to be sure that every child in our care receives age appropriate opportunities to develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.

The key concepts in a Montessori teaching environment are:

    • An environment especially created to help a child develop his/her full potential.
    • To foster independence and encourage the child to take initiative, which will enhance the rapid growth of the social, emotional and self-confidence of the child.
    • The Montessori teaching is based on following the child’s inner need to learn.
    • The child works at his/her own pace in a non-competitive environment. A child works for the satisfaction of completing an activity.
    • Individual education plan for each child, the teacher is a “Guide” who directs the child’s learning
    • Montessori principles are based on respect for the child’s personality and the program develops the entire personality and not just the intellect
    • To build self discipline and good work habits for further school years